That’s Fascinating: Tooth Powder and Metal Toothpaste Tubes

That’s Fascinating posts will be another running theme, because I dig a running theme. I’ll explore a topic that interests me, and at the end of these posts you will be asked to answer the following question:

“Has this ever crossed your mind?”

Please include in your comment:

“Yes, in fact it has,” or “No, it’s just you.”

When I was a kid my parents bought powdered tooth abrasive in a blue and white metal can under some brand name I can’t recall and can’t find even on a powerful search engine. Something-Dent? Hmm. My father would remember, but I left my phone in the other room.

My parents were grossly behind the times, as other forms of toothpaste did exist in the 1960s. Dipping a brush into this powder and getting the brush into your mouth before the powder fell off into the sink was all good and fine for entertainment purposes, but as a practical application it ranked right down there with having to make your own soap. (I’ve made soap. It was, at best, mildly entertaining.) Still, the can looked kind of cool.

Already in mass production under many popular brand names was toothpaste in a tube. Not just ‘a’ tube, but a metal tube with a shallowly grooved cap that was easy to keep clean and easy to put back on the frets of the tube. As one would use the paste, one could then roll this tube up so as to push the remaining contents toward the opening. If one really wanted to be clever, one could clip the rolled end so it wouldn’t unroll (and crack from having to be rolled again) with the careful employment of a clothespin or bulldog clip.

You can do that with the newer plastic tubes, but I think plastic is more difficult for this task. I have arthritis, so plastic springs back at me. I also find deeper or wider caps collect dried paste and are impossible to clean. Plus, again, I like the looks of the metal far better than plastic. It’s retro-chic and all that nonsense.

I’m going to look for a metal-tubed paste that doesn’t have to be imported from Portugal or Egypt or wherever, even if I have to spend all day in the drug store opening box after box–or online reading review after review before I buy because this really bothers me and a few other oddballs out there who have touched on similar issues. As a wise ex-boyfriend of mine once said, “All change is bad.”

Has this ever crossed your mind?


5 thoughts on “That’s Fascinating: Tooth Powder and Metal Toothpaste Tubes

  1. No, it’s just you. 🙂
    But, now that you mention it, I wouldn’t mind having a tin of tooth powder in place of my tube of Aim (yes, they still make Aim; it just isn’t advertised – and that’s why you can buy it for $0.87/tube at Target). The current Colgate tins look pretty good – but they seem to be only available through Indian vendors and it seems silly to spend more on shipping than on product.

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