Photo Gold Mine

I’d had a long day of driving in circles and doing errands, made longer by the fact that I can no longer drive past a photo op without getting twitchy and tapping the brake pedal. I couldn’t just stop this time, either. I was on a road with a median that runs for at least three miles in city traffic before you can turn around, double back, slow from 40 mph to zero very quickly and whip around a corner onto a narrow side street to park.

The road in question is across town from my depressed little ‘hood. It used to be the center of prostitution, drugs, no-tell motels and struggling businesses. It was being cleaned up right before the economy tanked, and what was left behind was more empty buildings, half-finished projects, rust and graffiti. The one person I passed while on foot smelled like crack, so perhaps there’s a revival of sorts on the way. Back to the way it’s probably meant to be.

There will be more gritty photos posted from that jaunt when I get around to editing them, but I thought I’d post this little guy’s smiling face as he peers out of a fence next to an auto graveyard. He’s clearly oblivious.


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